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Produits > Interféromètres fibrés > FPS Sensor family > Three-axes Version - FPS3010

Three-axes Version - FPS3010 Three-axes Version - FPS3010

attocube’s FPS3010 is a fully automated interferometric displacement measurement system, equipped with three fiber-based sensor heads. The FPS3010 combines state of the art hardware with innovative software concepts, offering real-time data processing and storage, Fast-Fourier signal analysis for vibrometry applications, environmental index of refraction compensation (optional), and many other measurement options such as angular measurement software

customized trigger functionality. The flexible, FPGA-based architecture allows firmware upgrades at ease, ensuring that newest features and updates are available to users world wide. Real time serial-word and incremental interfaces allow the connection of FPS3010 devices with other electronics and host controllers.

Three-axes Version - FPS3010
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