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Tube photomultiplicateur PM DH-00 30(Te) Tube photomultiplicateur PM DH-00 30(Te)

The DH-00 uncooled housing is designed to accept all 28mm (1 1/8 inch) diameter side window PMT's. It incorporates a mounting flange for direct connection to any of our monochromator slit assemblies.

The DH-00-Te cooled housing accepts all 28mm diameter side-window photomultiplier tubes. It has been designed to be integrated easily and unobtrusively into light measurement systems where dark current or temperature-dependent gain variations* need to be minimised. Minimum internal temperature is -25°C and stability better than ±0.1°C. For a multi-alkali pmt, dark current is typically reduced by a factor of 100**.

The DH-00-Te avoids this problem. A separate plate, supplied with the housing can be drilled and attached to the other unit. The housing locates on this plate and is clamped into place by screws acessible from the side. Rigid light-tight coupling is achieved with minimum separation between the source and the photocathode.DH-00Te

Simple, two-piece construction makes for easy PMT replacement and ensures the high degree of sealing required for continuous operation. A PCB-based dynode chain, wired either for linear operation or pulse counting, is mounted along with the connectors in the lower, uncooled section. 
The mounting of the input window, which is fused silica as standard, avoids condensation. The pmt is protected from extraneous magnetic fields by an integral mu-metal shield. Machined insulation ensures consistent results and minimises the heat pumping requirements while a highly efficient corrugated heat sink reduces fan noise and allows operation with restricted air flow e.g. inside a sample chamber. 

A compact power supply/controller, linked to the housing by a single cable, displays target and actual internal temperature.



Heat pump 2-stage Peltier with air heat pump
Minimum internal temperature -25°C
Maximum internal/external DT 45°C
Temperature stability ±0.1°C
Cool down time (+20°C to -20°C) Housing with tube: 2 hours
Connectors BNC and HV-BNC, SMA and SHV optional
Dynode chain resistance Linear: 750k Ω
Pulse Counting: 3.92 M Ω
Window material Fused silica

* Typically -0.3%/C for multialkali at <800nm

** Hamamatsu R928 +20°C to -20°C


DH-00 Uncooled housing, no PMT
DH-00-Te Cooled housing, no PMT
DH-30 Uncooled housing fitted with multi-alkali PMT (200-900nm)
DH-30-Te Cooled housing fitted with multi-alkali PMT (200-900nm)
CPS20 Free-standing power supply and controller for DH-00-Te
CPS20M Modular version of CPS20M for use in 217 bin


Tube photomultiplicateur PM DH-00 30(Te)
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