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Détecteur silicone DH-Si Détecteur silicone DH-Si

The DH-Si is a general purpose UV-enhanced silicon photodiode offering excellent linearity and low noise over the wavelength range of 200-1100nm. In addition to its' use throughout the UV-NIR range, the DH-Si, in certain instances, represents an economical solution for measurements where a photomultiplier might otherwise be considered.

Its' mount is compatible with the entire range of Bentham monochromators and accessories.

This detector is recommended for use with the 400 Series of detection electronics.



Active area 10 x 10mm
Max. Operating Temperature -40 to +70°C
Temperature dependence of responsivity up to 1%/ °C at band edge
Window material Quartz
Typical Values
Peak Wavelength 960nm
Peak Responsivity 0.52 A.W-1
Dark Current <1pA
Max Shunt Resistance 0.2GΩ
NEP 1.8 x 10-14 W/Hz1/2

DH-Si spectrum

Détecteur silicone DH-Si
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