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Détecteur DH-InGaAs Détecteur DH-InGaAs

The DH-InGaAs detectors are the first choice for most applications covering the 900nm to 1700nm range. They can be used in both DC and AC (lock-in amplifier) modes of operation.

For systems requiring frequent change of detectors, a quick-change (type '-QC') housing is available.

Thermo-electrically cooled detectors are offered for use in hostile ambient temperature conditions and for extended wavelength range devices (to 1900nm).



Detector Type Active Area Coat-ing Peak sens-itivity range λp, µm Recom. range µm Peak photo-sens-itivity A/W Shunt resist-ance MΩ D* at λp cm.Hz½/W Housing options
DH-InGaAs(2) 2mm None 1.55 0.9-1.7 0.95 25 5x1012 Standard & QC
DH-InGaAs(3) 3mm None 1.55 0.9-1.7 0.95 10 5x1012 Standard & QC
DH-InGaAs(3)-Te 3mm Te(1) 1.55 0.9-1.65 0.95 200 3x1013 Te housing
DH-InGaAs(5)-Te 5mm Te(1) 1.55 0.9-1.65 0.95 60 3x1013 Te housing
DH-InGaAs-Ex-Te 1mm Te(1) 1.75 0.9-1.85 1.1 10 2.5x1012 Te housing
(1) requires CPS1 or CPS1M cooler controller

InGaAs detector with quick-change housing Quick-change housing

Ordering information

DH-InGaAs(2) 2mm uncooled device in standard DH housing
DH-InGaAs(3) 3mm uncooled device in standard DH housing
DH-InGaAs(2)-QC 2mm uncooled device in Quick Change housing
DH-InGaAs(3)-QC 3mm uncooled device in Quick Change housing
DH-InGaAs(3)-Te 3mm cooled device in DH-Te housing
DH-InGaAs(5)-Te 5mm cooled device in DH-Te housing
DH-InGaAs-Ex-Te 1mm extended wavelength range (1.9µm) in DH-Te housing
CPS1 Free-standing cooler controller for DH-x-Te detectors
CPS1M Modular cooler controller for use in 217-bin


Détecteur DH-InGaAs
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