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Détecteur séléniure de plomb DH-PbSe-Te Détecteur séléniure de plomb DH-PbSe-Te

The DH-PbS-Te detector is a large area (3 x 3mm) thermo-electrically cooled detector. It is particularly suitable for accurate spectroradiometry and general spectrometry applications over the 1µm to 5µm range.

This device requires AC coupled detection electronics, typically comprising optical chopper and lock-in such as the Bentham 418 and 496, and a bias power supply such as the 215.

Sandwich detectors or 'two-colour' detectors are also available. An infrared transmitting silicon detector is mounted in front of the PbSe detector extending the wavelength covered by a single package down to less than 250nm.


Wavelength Peak λ p 4.3-4.5 µm
D* (λ p , 750, 1) ≥7.00 x109 cm.Hz 1/2.W-1
Blackbody D* (500K, 750, 1) ≥9.3 x108 cm.Hz 1/2.W-1
Responsivity @ λ p 4000 V.W
Resistance 0.2-5.0 MΩ
Time Constant 3-10 µsec
Operating Temperature 253 K
Recommended Range 1µm - 5µm
Cooler controller type CPS1 or CPS1M also required


Détecteur séléniure de plomb DH-PbSe-Te
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