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Amplificateur courant 487 Amplificateur courant 487

The 487 module combines a dual-input, low-noise DC current amplifier with an analogue-digital converter to provide the main detection electronic in a wide range of applications, typically over the range 180nm to 1700nm.

Current source detectors such as photomultipliers and photodiodes give their best performance when connected to the virtual ground input of the 487.

The 487 is a double-width module, housed within the 417/T base unit. 


Core Features

  • Six decade transimpedance amplifier
  • Up to 1010 V/A gain
  • Dual Input for use with multiple detectors
  • Virtual ground input
  • Integrating ADC
  • 100ms ADC integration time
  • Fully programmable via USB interface through 417 unit


Inputs 2, remotely/manually selected
Gain ranges 1010 - 105 V/A
Minimum input 1pA
Maximum input 100µA
Frequency response DC to 30Hz
Input impedance Virtual earth
Gain accuracy +1%
Gain stability 200ppm/oC
Output stability 5ppm/oC to 500ppm/oC depending on sensitivity
Linearity <0.025% departure from linearity from zero to full scale
Indications Amber LED – current gain range
Red LED – amplifier overload
Green LED - input selected
Resolution 4½ digit BCD (0 - 19999) i.e. 14 bit resolution
Conversion time 100ms
Input range -0.2V to 9.8V
Auxiliary Input range -0.2V to 9.8V
Auxiliary input impedance 1 MΩ
Module width 2 widths in 417 base unit
Interface USB 2.0(via 417/417T base unit)


Amplificateur courant 487
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