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Produits > Interféromètres fibrés > FPS Sensor family > Three-axes Version - FPS3010-19"

Three-axes Version - FPS3010-19" Three-axes Version - FPS3010-19"

The ultra-slim 19”rack-mount version FPS3010-19” is offered for operation in electrical cabinets such as widely used at research labs, synchrotron facilities, and in industry. The 19” version of the FPS is available in three axis configuration only and features the same

specifications and functionialities as the table-top FPS3010. The FPS3010-19“ is particularly dedicated for applications where Ethernet accessibility of the device is key (TCP/IP and Epics optional). The FPS3010-19“ is compatible with fiber lengths of up to 500 m.

Three-axes Version - FPS3010-19"
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