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LG-1 series 2 axis goniophotometers LG-1 series 2 axis goniophotometers

PSI’s LG-1 series of rotating luminaire goniophotometers are compact goniophotometers for lamps, luminaires, LEDs and LED clusters. They are suitable for manufacturers or institutions that do not have the space, budget or requirement for a large, swinging mirror-type goniophotometer. When measuring lamps who’s luminous flux output changes with burning attitude, such as HID lamps and fluorescent tubes, an auxiliary photocell can be provided to correct for the different burning positions.

The LG-1 series have a variety of designs to cater for different luminaire size and shape specifications. They are very user friendly and easy to use. 




Specifications LG-1.0 LG-1.2 LG-1.3
LUT max diameter Ø 500 mm Ø 1300 mm Ø 2000 mm
LUT max width 320/640mm 400/800 mm 500/1000 mm
LUT max weight 3,0 kg 20,0 kg 30,0 kg
Angular step ≤ 2,5° ≤ 2,5° ≤ 2,5°
Power analyzer Possible Possible Possible
V(λ) f’1 ≤ 1,5% ≤ 1,5% ≤ 1,5%
Linearity f3 ≤ 0,1% ≤ 0,1% ≤ 0,1%
Fatigue f5 ≤ 0,1% ≤ 0,1% ≤ 0,1%


Above are standard products, but it is actually just examples of what we can offer. We customize the product to your needs. See below:


Specifications LG-1.1
LUT max diameter Ø 1300 mm
LUT max width 400/800 mm
LUT max weight 10,0 kg
Angular step ≤ 2.5°
Power analyzer Possible
V(λ) f'1  1.5 %
Linearity f3  0.1 %
Fatigue f5  0.1 %


LG-1 series 2 axis goniophotometersLG-1 series 2 axis goniophotometers